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Get Traffic to your Website

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Traffic + Conversions = Sales

If it was that easy, everyone would be doing it. The fact is this training shows you how to create endless evergreen traffic using other people's content.

How to create authority, please Google, and get instant results.

Then, Convert them into Subscribers & Customers

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The difference between a 10% opt-in rate and a 50% opt-in rate can make or break your business.

In the Lead Conversion Secrets Video course we show you:

What makes an effective lead magnet, how the law of reciprocity works, why most lead magnets and lead capture mechanisms fail, and how using the COPS method can help you create an incredible, highly effective lead machine.

We also cover how to create a highly effective machine to boost your conversions. Using the conversion complexity matrix to getting it implemented.

Finally, we show you how to get $1 leads from Facebook using a real world campaign. We discuss the method, ad copy, landing pages and lead magnets designed and engineered for low costs leads.

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