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5 Key Benefits of Benchmark Email

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Benchmark Email is an international email marketing service provider with headquarters in St. Louis, MO. The company was founded in 2004 by Curt and Denise Keller. Read on for more information. Below are some of Benchmark’s key benefits. Feature #1: Easy to use interface

Easy-to-use interface

Benchmark’s user interface is both intuitive and simple, making it easy to create email campaigns. You can even import existing email lists to Benchmark. The interface shows you visual design while editing the code, and you can import XLS, CSV, and TXT files. In addition, the software offers integrations with other third-party applications. You can embed a sign-up form, too, which lets your subscribers sign up with just one click.

The easy-to-use interface makes it easy to create professional emails without any design expertise. Benchmark provides 200 ready-made templates for your convenience. The email editor is easy-to-use and offers plenty of options to create emails that match your business schemes. You can also send emails to existing customers to re-engage them and encourage them to visit your website again. This tool is available for both small businesses and large companies.

More than 200 templates

More than two hundred and twenty benchmark email templates are available for you to choose from. The templates come in a variety of styles and formats, and are highly customizable. You can change the layout style to fit your business’s needs. Benchmark also offers templates in several foreign languages, such as Portuguese, Italian, and Spanish. It also offers a free trial of the tool, which allows you to download up to 200 email templates without paying a dime.

Benchmark offers over 200 industry-specific themed email templates. There are even social media-specific templates available for you to choose from. Benchmark also has a drag-and-drop editor that makes creating branded landing pages a breeze. And it has support for 9 languages, so it’s possible to customize your emails in any language you choose. For even more customization, there is a free plan that allows you to send unlimited emails, as many as you want.

Integrations with popular social media apps

Benchmark Email’s integrations with popular social media apps are another way to increase your list. If you want to push out emails to your social media followers, this tool can help you. For example, you can push out your emails to your Facebook and Twitter accounts. In addition, Benchmark Email’s editor lets you create one-time emails, which is great for businesses. Users can also import contacts from other platforms, like Gmail or Outlook.

A successful email marketing campaign depends on the ability to integrate data from different databases and software applications. Benchmark offers over 300 integrations with popular social media apps, allowing you to track subscribers’ actions on various social media channels and analyze which campaigns are working well. With this, you can tailor your emails to meet your audience’s interests and keep track of their behavior. Moreover, you can monitor the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns by viewing your results on a report.

Ability to build customer journeys

The ability to build customer journeys is one of the most important aspects of any email marketing campaign. Customers’ experiences are the lifeblood of any company’s success, and it is essential to understand what obstacles they face on their journey. Automation and data can help you define the key elements of these journeys, but without human input, the data will prove useless. A customer journey begins with feedback. Email marketing is an excellent way to receive that feedback. If a customer leaves an item in their basket but does not proceed to check out, it is possible to email them to learn what is wrong with the payment process.

Customer journey mapping forces businesses to segment users and identify critical moments of truth. Automated discount coupons are one way to increase first-time shoppers’ likelihood of purchasing and boosting their impression of the brand. Another example is a free consultation or product demonstration. These actions can help increase sales and customer adoption of your product. Once you’ve created your customer journey, you can use the data to develop new strategies and implement them.

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