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Best Email Plugin For WordPress

best email plugin for wordpress

When it comes to WordPress email plugins, there are a few to look at. Whether you want to send emails to your subscribers or you are interested in integrating your WordPress blog with a CRM, there are some options to consider.

WP Mail SMTP Pro

If you’re looking for an email plugin for WordPress that will help you get the most out of your SMTP service, you’ve come to the right place. WP Mail SMTP Pro is one of the best SMTP plugins for WordPress. Designed to improve email deliverability, this plugin integrates with several SMTP services to ensure that emails are sent correctly.

The plugin has plenty of helpful features. You’ll find a weekly email summary, tracking of emails opened, and even the ability to print out and resend your emails.

Using the plugin, you’ll also be able to connect your WordPress site with several different SMTP services. These include SendGrid, Mailgun, and Google. It’s easy to get started with any of these.

WP Mail SMTP offers advanced functionality, too. Using this plugin, you’ll be able to customize your emails with an unlimited number of contacts. This feature is particularly handy for sending transactional emails.

WP Subscribe Pro

If you are looking to grow your email subscriber list, then WP Subscribe Pro is a perfect solution. This plugin is easy to use, affordable, and can boost your conversion rate. It works well with a variety of email marketing tools, including MailChimp, SendGrid, GetResponse, and more.

You can easily setup a popup subscription box and engage your visitors in a variety of ways. The box can be placed above or below your content, and you can choose to display related articles in the popup. In addition, you can customize the box with custom fields and button text.

Besides the basic features, WP Subscribe Pro offers some unique core features that you won’t find in other subscription plugins. These include exit intent, time delay, and integration with email subscription services.


DirectIQ Email Marketing Plugin is one of the best email plugins for WordPress that helps you build a list of subscribers and send email. With its user-friendly interface and easy integration, this email marketing software is the perfect email marketing solution for your WordPress website. It allows you to create and send personalized messages to your contacts. Moreover, it helps you track the performance of your campaign and A/B split test it for improvement.

In addition, the email automation feature of this plugin is perfect for email marketers who want to streamline their emails. They can easily create email sequences and schedule them to be sent at specific times. You can also target your emails to certain users or tags.

This plugin includes a SMTP authentication system, so you can be sure that your emails will be safe. You can even save your login information in a file.


Mailster is a popular WordPress email newsletter plugin. It offers an easy-to-use interface that helps you manage your email list. You can set up your campaigns easily and send personalized emails with just a few clicks.

Mailster provides detailed statistics for your email campaigns. This includes the number of your subscribers, the number of email clicks, and the bounce rate. These figures will help you make adjustments and improve your campaigns.

Email marketing is a vital aspect of your business. With the Mailster email plugin, you can create your own beautiful, customized emails and send them to your subscriber list.

Mailster’s features allow you to set up autoresponders and create a list of leads. You can also create new campaigns and templates with ease. In addition, Mailster works with a wide variety of services and third-party add-ons.


SeedProd is a powerful WordPress plugin which can be used for creating beautiful and optimized landing pages. It offers users a drag and drop interface and includes pre-made page sections. With this tool, you can create high-converting landing pages in minutes.

This plugin helps you grow your email list without having to hire expensive theme developers. This is a perfect option for non-technical individuals who want to have a unique look on their website.

In addition to building your landing page, you can add an email signup form. You can also integrate your website with popular email marketing services. Some of the email integrations that are available in SeedProd are MailChimp, ConvertKit, GetResponse, MailChampign and Google Recaptcha.

In case your website gets hit by a spambot, SeedProd will automatically protect your content from such malicious visitors. Additionally, it includes an Isolation Mode which stops any unnecessary processes from running.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the three aspects of a successful email marketing strategy?

These are the main components of an email marketing campaign that should be effective:

  1. Design
  2. Content
  3. Timing

Design – Your emails must look and feel the same as your brand. This means that all your emails need to follow the same design guidelines.

Content – Your content needs to be both valuable and entertaining. It needs to be specific to each recipient.

Timing – Each mail should be sent at an appropriate time to reach the inbox at their best.

What is a lead-magnet funnel?

A lead magnet funnel consists of an email sequence that converts cold contacts to warm relationships. It will give visitors an incentive to purchase by turning them on immediately.

These pages include landing pages and sales pages. These pages can include webinars, ebooks, and more.

Our goal is to provide people with a reason to purchase right away.

Value is the first thing you need. And then you can offer the product later on as a bonus.

What is an email magnet?

An email magnet refers to a piece you send to people interested in your work. You use this as part of your overall marketing strategy. It’s used often to create leads or keep existing customers engaged.

You might be thinking, “I don’t understand how to make a magnet.” There are many options for creating them. These are three examples of how to do it.

  1. You can create a video. It could be anything, from a short clip of 10 seconds to a presentation of 20 minutes on your topic. The important thing is to grab people’s attention.
  2. Write a blog. Start with an intriguing headline, then write a short introduction. Finally, tell a tale. It shouldn’t be too long. Otherwise, people won’t read it.
  3. In a PDF format, include lots of useful information.

You need to ensure that your gift is valuable for the recipient. If they don’t care about what you have to offer, they will just ignore it.

How long does it typically take to set up an affiliate program

Depending on your audience size, it could take anywhere from 2 weeks up to 6 months for your first affiliate programme to be set up.

You should start small to earn immediate money. You can start with just one link and see what leads it generates.

Your audience will grow, so add links until your program is comfortable.


  • BigCommerce affiliate program, you receive a 200% bounty per referral and $1,500 per Enterprise referral, with no cap on commissions. (
  • Here’s what the popup looks like: That popup form may look simple, but it converts at an impressive 3.42%. (
  • A 65% increase in conversions vs. the generic offer. (
  • When presented with JUST the Sony or Philips DVD player information, approximately 10% of subjects said they’d be ready to buy immediately. (
  • One of the most well-known sites is the Amazon affiliate program, Amazon Associates, which boasts the largest market share of affiliate networks (46.15%). (

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Why email marketing is better that social media

Email marketing is the best way for prospects and customers to be reached. It’s much faster than any other form of communication because you don’t have to wait until they check their Facebook or Twitter accounts. You can send email at any hour and from any place. In addition, if you use a good tool like MailChimp, you can manage all your contacts from one dashboard.

Social Media Marketing can be a great way to connect with clients and prospects. But, it is less effective than other communication channels, like email marketing, that we just discussed. First, people who follow your social media accounts are more likely to be interested than you in your posts. They might comment or retweet something you share. They will not read it unless asked. This is a big loss for potential leads and sales. Second, people would rather receive updates from friends than companies. They trust their friends far more than they trust strangers. Third, it is impossible to predict how long someone will stay online. You lose the opportunity to reach him/her again if he/she leaves without reading your message. Fourth, people may be distracted by other things while browsing social networking sites. Your messages may be lost or forgotten by them. Social media can be very confusing. There are hundreds upon hundreds of services and platforms. People spend too many hours trying to figure out how these services work.

Several tools help us to optimize our email campaigns. MailChimp is a tool that allows users to schedule emails, track clicks, opens, and unsubscribes. A great feature of MailChimp is the ability segment lists according a person’s interests, behavior, and demographics. These features allow for highly targeted campaigns.

Our data can also be analyzed using free tools. It is possible to see which people have opened our emails, clicked on the links, and shared our content. We can use this information to improve the design of future emails as well as increase engagement.

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