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Email Deliverability – How to Increase Your Chances of Being Delivered

email deliverability

There are a number of factors that can affect email deliverability. This includes the Unsubscribe option, Sender reputation, Authentication, and compliance with privacy laws. Email deliverability should be an important factor to consider when sending out marketing emails. To increase your chances of being delivered, follow these tips. Also, ensure that your messages are easy to unsubscribe from.

Unsubscribe option

Your email campaign can benefit from a clear and visible Unsubscribe option. Whether you use multiple choice or a simple text box, it’s important that it’s visible and easy to locate. If you can, avoid using colors or hard-to-read fonts. You should also make it easy for subscribers to edit their preferences. For instance, they might want to receive only specific types of communications, or they may want to hear from you less often.

The Unsubscribe option is a very useful tool that helps maintain good standing with subscribers and keep your emails out of the spam folder. Using a native unsubscribe option will reduce the chances of your emails sitting in inboxes for days or weeks before being deleted without being opened. In addition, it can improve your email hygiene and increase your conversion rates.


Email authentication is a vital step in improving email deliverability. It helps ISPs confirm that emails they receive are from legitimate sources. This can protect your domain from phishing and spoofing. In addition, it can help distinguish your brand from competitors. Email service providers collect reports on email engagement and deliverability, and factor this into their domain score.

Email deliverability is dependent on two main factors: spam filters and the perception of spammers. Authentication allows ISPs to verify that an email is sent from a legitimate account, thereby lowering the risk of it being blocked or put through additional filters. Many email providers now use this technology to track reputation and minimize the risk of mail servers filtering your email.

Compliance with privacy laws

In order to ensure email deliverability, you must comply with all privacy laws. These laws are meant to protect personal data, such as email addresses, and they make it illegal to send emails to these individuals without encryption. They also require access controls, data retention, auditable log files, and reporting features. It is important to comply with these laws because non-compliance can result in large fines and negative media coverage. To protect your brand’s reputation, you should adhere to the laws governing privacy.

Companies that wish to send emails to European Union citizens should follow the GDPR. The law is retroactive, so businesses that collected personal information from EU citizens before the law was enacted must remove all such data. Furthermore, they must have an explicit opt-in box in their form. Even asking users about their location is illegal.

Tracking deliverability

Tracking email deliverability is a useful way to monitor your email marketing campaign’s success. It provides valuable insight into what content subscribers are interested in and how often they open your email. It can also tell you what factors can improve your interaction with your subscribers. Knowing which types of subscribers are more responsive and engaged with your emails can help your sales team reach them.

Tracking email deliverability can also help you identify technical issues. This information will help you pinpoint the main causes of problems when your messages are not getting through. For example, if you have a 99% delivery rate, that means that 99 percent of your emails will reach your audience without bounces or rejections. In contrast, if you only deliver 66% of your messages, you’re losing about one-third of your customers. Tracking your email’s delivery can help you fix your email deliverability issues and increase the value of your messages.

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