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How to Grow an Email List – 5 Ways to Get More Subscribers

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One of the most effective ways to grow an email list is to provide unique content that people want to read. To get a list, people must opt-in to receive your emails. Create content that is interesting and valuable to your existing subscribers, so they’ll keep on forwarded. Also, share your emails and they’ll get more exposure. To retain your current subscribers, offer exclusive content that they can’t get anywhere else.

Social sharing buttons

Adding a social sharing button to your email newsletter can increase the amount of exposure your content receives. According to Get Response, using these buttons increased the click-through rate (CTR) on emails by 158%. Wine Anthology’s email newsletter includes a social sharing button that asks subscribers to share it with their friends. Wine Anthology builds a webpage version of its email content with custom code. It’s important to test placement of social sharing buttons because not all email providers display them properly.

When using social sharing buttons, ensure the button is customized so that it points back to the email subscription page. You can also track how many times your message has been shared. Using Facebook share buttons on your blog or page will provide you with a measure of the number of people who have clicked on the share button and opened your email. This data is important in building an email list. This strategy will help you increase your email subscriptions and build a loyal following.

Pop-up forms

If you’re looking for ways to grow your email list, you may be wondering what type of signup form to use. A pop-up form is a dynamic piece of content that displays on your website. It can be scheduled to pop up at a set time or event. When used properly, a pop-up form can be an effective way to deliver lead magnets or build an email list. Make sure to give visitors a strong call to action and a relevant incentive for signing up.

To make the most of a pop-up form, you need to make sure to ask only the essential information, such as name, email address, and website URL. Once a visitor subscribes, you can request more information if necessary. A form with fewer fields is more likely to convert, as visitors feel more comfortable completing it. Pop-up forms with images convert 84% better than those without.

In-line CTAs

In-line CTAs are a great way to capture visitors’ attention and get them to subscribe to your list. They can be as simple as a link that leads to a landing page or as complex as a form with multiple fields. The most important thing is to use the right CTA for the context and flow of text. Consider using related reads, further information, or a deep dive to entice readers to subscribe.

Choosing the right CTA will depend on your audience, style of writing, and topic. For example, if you’re launching an e-course or service, you can place a bottom CTA, and you can also use an in-line CTA to encourage your readers to connect with social media. This way, they’ll be reminded to look for more relevant content on your website.

Segmenting your audience into buckets

Email segmentation is a crucial strategy for relationship marketing. As your subscribers begin to build trust in you and your brand, they will become eager to make purchases from you. It elevates your relationship marketing efforts by targeting the right customers. However, if you don’t segment your audience into buckets, you run the risk of having your emails end up in their spam folder and gradually hurting your reputation.

You can further customize your emails by segmenting your audience based on their interests. For example, if your list consists of people who are interested in photography, you could create email sequences that focus on specific camera types. If you’re in the manufacturing industry, your emails will be more official and technocratic than emails sent to other types of subscribers. On the other hand, you could send emails tailored to different partner types – from 5-star partners to those looking for freebies.

Using Facebook ads

The cost of running Facebook ads continues to increase every year. However, Facebook allows you to set a custom budget for your ads. You can spend as little as $5 or as much as $100 depending on the number of people who view your ad. Facebook also allows you to create an ad based on two criteria: location and cost. This way, you can place ads anywhere in the world and target your audience according to interests.

To create a custom audience, you must first create an email list and upload it to Facebook. Once you’ve done this, Facebook will generate a list of users that match the email addresses in your list. This custom audience will then be used in your ads. However, it’s best to upload no less than 100 contacts. If you have more than 1,000 email addresses, it’s a good idea to upload a CSV file with the data.

Using webinars

If you’re looking for ways to increase your subscribers, webinars may be an excellent way to do this. A webinar is an event that can draw in many visitors and create a sense of community among your audience. It is also a great way to build credibility within your industry, as people tend to think of you as an expert on certain topics. And since webinars don’t expire, they’re great lead magnets.

If you’re hosting a webinar, you’ll need a list of followers to let people know. You’ll want to post regularly over a few days or weeks before the event. The more often you post, the more likely it is that your followers will see it. Another great way to promote your webinar is to get it promoted on other websites or blogs. A lot of companies that have great success with webinars don’t simply post information on their blogs. Instead, they have a specific page on their website dedicated to this event. This will allow you to send out your third email the day of the webinar, which is the best time to do it.

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