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How to Send 10000 Emails at Once For Free

how to send 10000 emails at once for free

Gmail’s email account has a limit of 10000 emails per day, but you can increase that limit by using an SMTP server. If you use Gmail as your main email account, you may want to consider using a bulk email service. There are several options, such as Elastic Email and GMass.

Gmail has a limit of 10,000 emails per day

Gmail has a limit on the number of emails you can send and receive each day. This limit applies to individual users as well as organizations and work accounts. If you send more than 500 emails a day, you may experience an error message that says, “Your account has reached the maximum number of messages per day”. You can usually send emails again within one to 24 hours.

The email limit is in place to combat spam. However, if you have received spam within the previous 24 hours, this may count against your daily limit. If you receive 6,000 spam emails in a 24-hour period, the email will be flagged as spam and sent to the Junk folder.

You can bump it up with SMTP server

SMTP servers are a kind of server that processes data related to email and then sends it to another server. They are not necessarily installed on a machine but are always running in the background, waiting for new mail. In some cases, an SMTP server can be a part of an existing network.

Elastic Email is a good bulk email service

Elastic Email is a good bulk email provider that offers a free trial and scalable pricing. Its prices correspond to the number of emails you send, making it perfect for new businesses and cash-strapped StartUps. The service also allows you to scale up and down depending on sales figures and revenue.

Elastic Email is an email marketing tool that offers an easy-to-use visual Email Designer, a campaign scheduler, support for autoresponders, personalization, A/X testing, and detailed reports. It also has a subscribe form plugin that allows you to build an email list. You can send up to ten thousand emails per day at no cost. Elastic Email has two pricing plans: a basic plan that costs $1.00 per thousand emails and a paid plan that costs $1000 per month.


If you’re wondering how to send 10000 emails at once for free, you’ve come to the right place. GMass is an email marketing tool that allows you to create personalized mass email campaigns from your Gmail account. With Gmas, you can schedule your emails, specify the groups for recipients, and send follow-up emails at a set frequency. You can send a single email or an entire campaign to multiple recipients, and use the system to follow up with prospects.

The main drawback of GMass is that it does not verify email addresses, which makes it vulnerable to spammers. If you’re worried about getting spam emails in your inbox, it may be a good idea to use another email marketing service. However, this tool does not have an A/B testing feature, so you’ll need to create your own templates for sending emails.

GMass Compose

There are plenty of ways to send emails, and one of them is by using GMass Compose. This program allows you to bulk email contacts and clients. It will also consolidate a list of over a thousand email ids into one single alias. You can then use GMass Compose to send emails to your entire list in one go.

First of all, you’ll need to import your email list. You can upload it in CSV format. You can upload a list of up to ten thousand emails. If you have a bigger list, you can split it up into batches of 2000 emails. For each batch of emails, you can choose to send each one individually, or choose to send them all at once. GMass also gives you the option to clean your email list to remove invalid or spam emails. This will increase your list’s credibility and reduce email bounces.


SalesHandy’s auto follow-up emails have been shown to increase the email reply rate by as much as 21%. These auto follow-ups are sent in a series and are triggered by conditions like “Not Replied” and “Not Opened.” You can set up to nine different trigger conditions for these auto follow-up emails.

The process is simple. Just upload your email lists and subscriber lists to SalesHandy. You’ll be given the option to send bulk emails from Gmail, Outlook, and Yahoo. After uploading the lists, you’ll be able to select an email template and send the campaign. Once sent, you’ll receive reports and statistics on your emails.

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