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The Best Email Capture Plugins For WordPress

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Email capturing offers multiple benefits. People spend more than five hours a day reading their emails, so capturing email addresses can be very beneficial for your business. Additionally, email marketing works because billions of people use email on a daily basis. Email marketing is one of the most effective forms of advertising online. And it is free. Here’s why. Hundreds of millions of people check their email every day. That’s a lot of potential customers for your business.


Split testing is a powerful feature of OptinMonster email capture software. This allows you to test various headlines, subheadlines, images, colors, and more. You can randomly display each campaign to website visitors and gather data on how many people convert. When a popup performs well, it will appear in the corresponding form on the visitor’s screen. OptinMonster provides a detailed report for analysis. It is particularly useful for national brands, who may want to target their marketing messages to specific audiences.

Apart from geo-location targeting, OptinMonster also has advanced tools for targeting customers. This can help you personalize your campaigns based on the location of your target audience. You can also use 2-Step conversion options to convert any link into an opt-in form. You can also use exit-intent technology to target visitors based on their behavior on your site. Other advanced features include page-level targeting and retargeting.


You can use OptinPopup for email capture to collect visitors’ email addresses, and there are a variety of different styles to choose from. The foot-in-the-door technique is a proven consumer psychology strategy, and involves the use of the commitment and consistency principle. People are more likely to complete a task if they see that the other person is committed to doing so. There are several ways to present your email opt-in form, such as using a minimalist approach or a full-page takeover pop-over.

When you use an opt-in form, you can offer incentives for people to subscribe to your list. A free trial can be obtained, as is an extensive template gallery. You do not need to be a web developer to use the software, and it requires no technical skills. You can create an opt-in form for your website with a few clicks and a free trial from Getsitecontrol. It is a free trial, so you can test the tool before making a commitment.


Pippity’s powerful email capture tool allows you to customize the popup. The advanced options let you customize the app to only show on specific pages, for certain sources, or when site visitors leave. Pippity also offers many features to make email marketing more seamless. Its incredibly light weight and customizable interface allow you to create a customized email capture form for your website. Read on for more details. We’ve summarized some of the best email capture plugins for WordPress.

First and foremost, Pippity is a WordPress plugin. It lets you add popups to your WordPress-based website to capture email addresses legally. Pippity’s advanced customization options allow you to change just about everything in the popup, including the font, background image, and even the background colors. Pippity also offers a wide array of options for varying the popup’s behavior. It makes it easy to collect email addresses without breaking the law.

Convert Pro

If you want to make sure your visitors sign up for your emails, then you should use Convert Pro for WordPress. It offers advanced targeting, email integrations, and one-click lead data management. In addition to capturing emails, it helps build traffic, promote videos, and offers. With all of these features, Convert Pro will help you maximize your marketing budget. Read on to learn how it can help you. Hopefully, you can choose the best option for your needs!

Convert Pro allows you to easily customize your forms. You can insert images, change the colours and effects, add overlays, animations, and button styles. You can even drag and drop video and HTML blocks into your forms. This gives you the power to create a highly engaging and eye-catching form. It’s easy to make changes to your forms, ensuring you capture the most email addresses. This email capture tool is perfect for people who want to stay connected with their favorite brands and products.


A simple way to capture emails on your website is with a Getsitecontrol popup. Whether you’re trying to inform your visitors of upcoming events or simply want to get their email addresses, this handy WordPress plugin will help you get the job done. You’ll simply copy and paste a short script into your website’s HTML code before the closing /body tag. It’s that easy. Depending on your needs, you can add different popups to different pages of your website.

You can also use Getsitecontrol to collect consent for your visitors without their knowledge. Simply integrate a mandatory checkbox to your Getsitecontrol forms, and visitors will not be able to submit their information if they don’t agree. To make sure that your visitors’ consent is genuine, you can also read the detailed instructions provided by the company. Additionally, if your visitors change their mind, you can request faster data deletion.

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