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Top B2C Lead Generation Companies

top b2c lead generation companies

There are several types of lead generation companies available on the Internet. Some are Business to Business, while others are categorized as B2C. Here’s a look at some of them: LeadPoint, SocialBloom, CIENCE, Martal Group, and Optimum Marketing Group. Read on to learn more about each company’s services and what separates them from the rest. These companies use different methods to generate leads.


One of the biggest problems with lead generation services is that buyers and sellers aren’t sure where to start. LeadPoint is looking to change that. Instead of putting buyers and sellers in a traditional contract, it offers them an auction model to find the best leads for their needs. The company also claims to offer higher-quality leads than most comparable outsourcing companies. Here’s why LeadPoint is one of the top b2c lead generation companies:

Among the top b2C lead generation companies, LeadPoint has a wide range of services. It hosts a two-sided bidding marketplace where buyers and sellers can purchase voice and data leads. The company uses an algorithm to score each lead and assigns a price based on its quality. The platform is highly customizable, and buyers can use the filters to refine their options.


When it comes to generating qualified leads, CIENCE is at the top of the list. The company specializes in the tech and software industries and maintains two highly targeted lead databases. It assigns a dedicated management team to your account and develops custom lead generation campaigns. It also offers data analytics and real-time intent data for every lead. To help your sales team be as productive as possible, CIENCE also provides a variety of lead nurturing services.

Cience employs the latest technologies, including machine learning and artificial intelligence, to generate qualified leads. Their PaaS lead generation service stands out from the crowd, with its AI-driven solution backed by stellar staff. These pros will elevate your lead gathering strategy and empower your sales team with higher conversion rates. The company offers customizable plans for every business. Its B2B database DiscoverOrg is an excellent example of a business contact database.

Martal Group

The Martal Group is a top B2B lead generation company with a diverse list of services. The company helps its clients develop their sales funnels by leveraging a team of senior executives. In addition to generating high-quality leads, Martal Group also helps businesses implement long-term strategies, build brand awareness and optimize conversion rates. The company generates qualified leads directly into CRMs, helps clients track engagement levels and initiate outbound calls, and facilitates the customer onboarding process.

Strategic Sales & Marketing is another leading B2B lead generation company. This company focuses on the mortgage, finance and technology industries. It uses its extensive business knowledge to craft a winning strategy to attract leads. The company tests their approach to attract leads by evaluating market response. The lead scoring is based on supply and demand, so the firm works to improve its methodology and reach. The team also uses dialing reports and a scoring system to ensure that clients receive high-quality leads.


SocialBloom has been rated a five-star agency by Clutch. This marketing firm has an efficient workflow and knows how to reach prospects based on their company attributes and intent data. The company also manages your outbound lead generation campaign by scheduling discovery calls and email templates. SocialBloom has worked with several clients, including Salesforce and Google. Its lead generation experts believe in the power of quantification.

OutboundView is a marketing agency founded in 2017 and has more than 20 employees. The company provides B2B lead generation and appointment setting. Its sister company, Intelemark, was founded in 2000 and has grown to 25 employees. SocialBloom is an email marketing company specializing in lead generation and social media. SocialBloom’s services are affordable and effective, and they also offer a 28-day money-back guarantee.


While it’s easy to say that a lead generation company has no competition, the truth is that it does. The top lead generation companies can do a lot more than just generate leads for you. These companies can provide everything from application development and technical services to account management and customer nurture. Ultimately, they’re important to the business world. There’s no one right way to go about lead generation; it takes time and experimentation. As the lead generation industry grows in size, the competition has also increased. Regardless of your industry, you’ll need the right resources and ideas to propel your business to the next level.

Besides offering a number of different lead generation services, the company should have a case study on its website or a strategy for targeting ideal customer profiles. Look for reviews on third-party sites. Check to see how clients rate a specific lead generation company’s performance. Check for positive and negative reviews on sites like Glassdoor and Clutch. You should also do a Google search on the company’s name to see what its Google profile rating is based on feedback from real users.

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