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Video E-Mail – 3 Ways to Use Video in Your E-Mail Campaign

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Sending video e-mails can have several advantages over e-mails with text-only content. They can increase open and click-through rates, eliminate the language barrier and non-verbal cues, and avoid ending up in the junk mail folder. In this article, we’ll discuss three ways to use video in e-mails. Listed below are some of them. The most important factors to consider when sending video-based e-mails are:

Improves open and click-through rates

When combined with compelling copy and graphics, adding a video to an e-mail campaign can increase the open and click-through rates of the email. In fact, adding video to an e-mail can boost the email’s click-through and open rates by as much as 96%. Regardless of whether your video is a short snippet of a product demo or a full-length tutorial, a video can help increase the open and click-through rates of the email.

Another key factor in improving the open and click-through rates of your video e-mail is to optimize the call to action. Too many call-to-actions may confuse your subscribers and lead to lower click-through rates. To increase the click-through rate, make your call-to-action big and clear in color. Also, a call-to-action button should be easily visible on the email.

Does not end up in spam

You’ve probably heard of video e mail, but have you ever thought about if it will actually end up in spam? You might be wondering whether it’s worth the trouble. Well, if you’re thinking about sending videos via email, you’ll be happy to know that they’re more likely to be opened than ordinary email. This is because videos have more content than standard email, and spam filters tend to flag them as spam. In addition, embedding videos in emails requires more work.

To embed video in an email, first ensure the delivery of the email. This can be achieved by using a simple GIF or static image. If you don’t have either of these tools, you can use a graphic creation tool to overlay the video with text. Once you have completed the steps above, you should have a video that doesn’t end up in spam. You can also add a play button below the video so that the viewer can start watching it right away.

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